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Term Life Insurance
These affordable life insurance policies offer coverage for a limited time frame; it could be 10, 20, or 30 years. They only offer a benefit if you die during the policy term and do not accrue cash value. The cost of your premium is affected by your age and health history.

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Whole Life Insurance
This is a permanent life insurance policy that stays in effect so long as the premiums are paid. It normally has a cash value component that can be accessed before your death. The cash value does not payout to your beneficiaries after your death.

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Universal Life Insurance
This coverage is also a permanent policy but offers more flexibility for payments, coverage amounts, and the rate at which you want to build cash value. Depending on your policy, the rate of return on your cash value for universal life can be influenced by market volatility or tied to a stock index like the S&P 500.

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Accidental Death Insurance
Accidental death insurance is an affordable way to increase the benefit amount of your existing life insurance policy. This coverage applies when you die in an accident, and can double the death benefit your loved ones receive.

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Final Expense Insurance
If you only want limited coverage to pay for a funeral, burial, and legal expenses, you can choose a minimal final expense policy. These policies usually are below $50,000 in coverage and may not require a medical exam.

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Mortgage Protection Insurance
Ensure your family stays in the home you love even after your death. Mortgage protection insurance pays directly to your lender and does not require a medical exam. It can provide financial protection for your family if traditional life insurance is unavailable to you for any reason.

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Living Benefits
Life insurance policies can be beneficial to you during your lifetime – not just to your family after your death. We offer multiple policies with various “living benefits” to supplement retirement or provide for life’s surprises.

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These insurance contracts provide a guaranteed source of income – for life! If you are retired and concerned about outliving your savings, an annuity can supplement your income. If you have maxed out your retirement contributions, they can act as an additional retirement savings vehicle.

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