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Survive catastrophes with a
personal umbrella insurance policy


Extra coverage for car accident

Get additional coverage that protects you from large claims

Protection that raises your limits

Protection that raises your limits on your home or auto insurance

Liability coverage for events outside other olicy protections

Liability coverage for events outside of your other policy protections

You know that you need insurance to protect your family and your livelihood. The real question is what will you do when damages exceed what your policy covers? Our umbrella liability policies make it possible to expand your coverage further to ensure your lasting security.

What is umbrella insurance coverage?

An umbrella policy is meant to cover claims that are big, so it offers excess coverage over the limits of your home, auto, or other existing policies. Major accidents and injuries can result in massive court and medical bills that go beyond your normal policy limits. Umbrella insurance is the safety net in the event something major happens.

Insurance is always there to protect you, but depending on your plan, there may be times when an astronomical cost exceeds what your current plan can provide. If you don't have the right coverage at the time of the accident, you may end up in debt and get caught in making payments for years.

For example, someone falls at your home and injures themselves very badly. If your homeowners policy has liability coverage at $300,000 and the person ends up having $500,000 in medical bills, an umbrella policy would be able to cover the excess amount on the bill. Without it, you'd have to pay the extra $200,000 out of pocket because you would hit the $300,000 limit on your homeowners policy.

Many home and auto policies may list out exclusions. If an incident occurs that falls outside of your auto or home coverage, an umbrella policy can rescue you. Additionally, your umbrella policy may be applicable to lawsuits brought against you related to slander and libel.
What is umbrella coverage
In short, an umbrella policy provides additional liability protection on the homeowners policy, auto policy, and other underlying policies.
  • Cover excess claims that go above your policy limits
  • Avoid debt if you’re held liable for an expensive claim
  • Adjust your payments based on your current policy
  • Fill the gaps in your existing insurance so that you are never without protection
What should i include in my umbrella insurance

What should I include in my umbrella insurance?

Everyone is different, so it can be difficult for you to design comprehensive insurance plans alone. That’s why our qualified team works hard to identify policy terms that respond to your needs. Your plan should be adjusted based on your life and activities that could result in claims.

Like regular policies, umbrella insurance coverage varies widely. It’s important to choose terms that protect you from the kinds of risks that you could encounter. Your coverage needs to account for not only the limits of your existing policy but also the nature of your assets and the potential damages and legal judgments that you might be held responsible for.

  • Your plan is unique and adjustable based on your existing policies
  • Our insurance experts help you find the areas where you need coverage

We dedicate ourselves to providing the best umbrella insurance coverage so that you can live your life to the fullest.
Bundle umbrella coverage and save money

Bundle umbrella coverage and save money

Umbrella insurance is perfect for additional coverage on top of your different types of insurance:
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Car insurance
  • General liability
  • Property insurance
  • And more
Choosing umbrella coverage can help you reduce costs on your other policies without sacrificing the necessary protections. For example, if you live in a large and expensive home with pricey assets, your homeowners and general liability payments could become a hefty monthly cost. You can reduce coverage amounts and purchase an umbrella policy to make up for the loss in coverage.
Do i quialify for an umbrella policy

Do I qualify for an
umbrella policy?

Everyone qualifies for an umbrella policy as long as the home and auto policies meet the minimum required limits of the insurance company offering the policy.
Extra coverage for car accident

Extra coverage for car accidents

Many families choose umbrella policies while adding young or inexperienced drivers to their auto insurance. When an accident happens, your bills can pile up. When a liability claim happens, many aspects are considered and included in the claim depending on the situation:
  • The cost to replace or repair the vehicles
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering cost
  • Loss of wages cost

Umbrella insurance coverage is extra liability coverage that can protect you from massive debt.
What is uninsured moterist coverage

What is uninsured motorists coverage on an umbrella policy?

Many companies are beginning to offer additional auto uninsured motorists coverage on an umbrella policy. With the number of people driving with state minimum limits or no insurance at all, this added protection offers additional coverage under an umbrella policy for an auto insurance risk.

Do I need an umbrella policy?

Anyone who may have assets to protect or who would be unable to pay for a large lawsuit should entertain getting an umbrella policy. Remember, your future wages are often included with your assets in court rulings. Due to the relatively inexpensive coverage cost, an umbrella policy offers great coverage for your current and future assets at a cheap price.

Personal umbrella insurance is often purchased by those who:

  • Have substantial savings
  • Own or lease property
  • Want to protect their future income
  • Own a swimming pool or trampoline
  • Participate in sports like hunting, skiing, or surfing
  • Own guns or certain breeds of dog
  • Have younger or inexperienced drivers in their household
  • Are a public figure
  • Coach youth sports

Coverage plans start at $1,000,000 liability coverage and go up in increments of a million dollars. This creates a wide safety net that protects you from any and all liability you may face.

Many people do not realize the advantages of an umbrella policy until they are in a situation where it could greatly benefit them. If you are unsure about whether or not you need coverage, talk to one of our insurance agents to determine your assets and liability risks.
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