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Running and maintaining a church is a task that requires a lot of responsibility, and it's up to you to prevent problems and protect the church from harm. But no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to manage every risk that comes your way.

If you don't want to face risk-related expenses alone, it's time to consider if you need religious organization insurance that will protect you from the unexpected. When you choose the right plan for your church, you won't need to worry about facing any disaster alone because you will know that you are fully protected from damages.

Protect your place of worship

Protect your place of worship

Coverage from disasters and accidents

Coverage from disasters and accidents

Save money on your policy

Save money on your policy

General liability and property insurance

General liability and property insurance

Theft, fire, water damage, and more can destroy your church without warning. When you don't have the right type of church insurance, rebuilding can be an impossible task to complete. The correct coverage plan will help fund the rebuilding process and you can focus on helping your members.
  • Protection from property damage
  • Include all your buildings on the same policy
  • Affordable insurance to cover rebuilding costs
  • Liability coverage

People are filing new lawsuits every day, and anyone who comes onto your property can try to claim damages. Depending on the outcome of the lawsuit, the court could force you to pay for the expenses out of your church funds. Because you will always face the risk of a lawsuit, you won't want to overlook the power of liability insurance.
Pastoral professional liability

Pastoral professional liability

As the leading figure in a church, people often come to you for advice and guidance. The advice they will ask for can range from small issues to major life decisions. If a person feels as though your advice has caused harm, they can file a lawsuit to seek compensation. You can get an affordable church insurance plan to keep yourself safe from these situations, and if you ever end up in court, you will have the coverage needed to keep your doors open.

  • Get coverage when others claim your guidance has harmed them 
  • Get financial coverage for legal costs
  • Protection from lawsuits looking for compensation
Which insurance coverage does a church need in a policy

Which insurance coverage does a church need in a policy?

At the end of the day, a church (from an insurance standpoint) is treated just like a business would be treated. There are liability risks, property risks, and auto risks just like any business. For this reason, a church may be able to set up a business owners policy or a commercial insurance package tailor-made to fit them best.

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Are there certain coverages that a church has that business would not have

Are there certain coverages that a church has that businesses would not have?

The main difference in coverage that a church would have is pastoral counseling insurance. There are other types of insurance coverage that would be beneficial for a church, including directors and officers insurance, child protection coverage, and professional liability coverage—but they're not exclusive to church organizations.
Does church insurance cover the church daycare

Does church insurance cover the church daycare?

It depends on your provider and insurance agency. Talk with one of our agents today to get expert guidance to find the most affordable and best policy for your church.

Does a church insurance policy cover all the buildings on one policy?

Yes. If the insurance policy specifies all the locations on the policy and you include the worship center, youth buildings, gym, or conference center, all the buildings listed can be put on one policy.
We're here to help

We're here to help

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